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Bourbon, Rye and American Whiskey handcrafted with layers of flavor

whiskey blending

Expert Blending,
Unique Flavor

Nationally recognised for our blending expertise, each Mythology whiskey is meticulously crafted using a variety of sourced whiskeys, each contributing distinct tasting notes to the finished product resulting in a truly unique and layered whiskey.

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Our Whiskey Blending Process

Expertly Blended to Craft Layers of Flavor

At Mythology, we take pride in our blending process that allows us to use exceptional whiskies as ingredients to craft a final delicious and unique whiskey to the market where the sum of all parts is superior to each individual component.

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Our whiskey blending process

Leveraging years of experience that our production team gained while working for other successful distilleries, our team has developed a portfolio of products that have won more than 50 national and international awards, including multiple best in class, double gold and gold medals.

Sourcing whiskeys

We start each blend by formulating an idea of the desired finished product, and from there we screen whiskies from different distilleries to search for whiskey components to contribute to the final blend based on those desired tasting notes.

Screening product

Once we have determined which whiskies we would like to use, we screen through different lots of the same product, searching for the ideal lot for our blend. Sourcing whiskies from different distilleries enables us to create a product that is truly complex and unique.

whiskey blending

Blending Stage

We create many different blends in our lab using different ratios of each whiskey component. Through blind side-by-side sensory analysis comparisons, we refine the blend ratios until we have achieved the final blend that matches our initial idea for the whiskey and that we are proud to stand behind.

final blend

Final Blend

Final blends are scaled up using weight and large stainless steel totes. Each barrel is screened before the production blending to ensure consistency. We use weight and density tables to calculate volume that allow us to scale our precise lab blend to produce bottles for distribution consistent with our final selected lab blend.

Our meticulous blending process results in a whiskey that showcases the finest qualities of each component whiskey, resulting in a truly unique and layered flavor profile.

Masterfully Blended for Your Next Adventure

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