Cask Strength Best Friend Bourbon

Size: 750ml | 116 -122 Proof | 58% – 61% Alc by Vol.


best friend cask strength bourbon bottle
best friend cask strength bourbon bottle

Expertly blended bourbon

Mythology Cask Strength Best Friend Bourbon is Mythology’s award-winning Bourbon blend bottled at Barrel Proof. Peanut brittle, cornbread, and honeysuckle on the nose. A rich caramel note up front leads to oak and cereal grains on the palate and finally gives way to pipe tobacco, crème brûlée, and vanilla bean on the finish.

Blend Specs

15yr Kentucky Bourbon: 78.5% corn, 13% rye, 8.5% barley

5yr Indiana Bourbon: 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley

2yr Indiana Bourbon: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley

Cask Strength Best Friend Bourbon Tasting with Scott

Join our founder, Scott Yeates as he explores the tasting notes of our signature whiskey, Cask Strength Best Friend Bourbon.

The Spirit Animal

As The Sun Rests On The Horizon…

…. a proud farmer gazes with admiration at a majestic oak standing tall among the surrounding stalks of corn. A sip of bourbon as his hand brushes over his best friend who lays beneath him. Not a word spoken until the sun rests for the night. Like generations before him – a man and his dog share company as he reflects on the beauty that surrounds him. His dog eagerly awakes each day to run the fields, rest at the tall oak and calmly await his best friend’s return at dusk.
Inspired by the spirt of Man’s Best Friend, we crafted a Bourbon to enjoy with good company while reflecting on the day’s experiences.