Our Gin Distillation Process Explained


We start our gin production with the base botanicals of juniper, coriander seed and orris root suspended in a grain neutral spirit for 12 hours. During this process we use the ethanol properties as a solvent to extract the flavor components from the botanicals.


The macerate is heated with steam to 187 degrees Fahrenheit for the ethanol to evaporate and transfer.


The evaporated ethanol passes first through the gin basket. The gin basket is filled with lighter, more subtle botanicals like grapefruit peel, sage, star anise, chamomile, lemon verbena and others depending on the gin. The distillate vapor picks up the flavorful oils from the botanicals in the gin basket before continuing to the column still and condensing to a liquid at each plate of the column. The condensed alcohol at the plate is then re-evaporated by pressure from the distillation to clarify the distillate.


The production team carefully monitors and controls the distillation process to capture the desired “hearts” cut of the gin and to remove the unpleasant “heads and tails” distillate.


The Heart Cut is transferred to the blending tote at 160 proof and is cut with Colorado snowmelt to a final proof of 90. We then let it settle before bottling and hand label each delicious bottle of Mythology gin.

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