Restaurant guide to Caye Caulker, Belize

Caye Caulker, Belize is a tiny, beautiful, laid back Caribbean island with white sand beaches and crystal clear, bright blue Caribbean water. The locals are a smiling group of people who cook simple, yet delicious food. While there are some restaurants that offer a finer dining experience, the most unassuming places are the island’s culinary gems. We’ve put together the list below for travelers headed to Caye Caulker.

Wish Willy: This outdoor community barbecue joint is run by Willy and a group of guys who are tour guides by day and chefs by night. They smoke a lot of weed, so naturally, they know how to make some excellent food. Guests sit at community tables in a backyard surrounded by hanging lights and tropical flora. Order a beer and some chicken.

Errolyn’s House of Fry Jacks: Fry jacks are a must try in Belize, whether you are seeking a quick snack, a substantial breakfast to soak up last night’s beverages, or a satisfying lunch. These fried dough triangles filled with cheese or meat or beans are simple, yet so delicious, and Errolyn’s is the place to find them on Caulker.

Lazy Lizard: The Lazy Lizard is the spot at sunset right on the split. The split is a channel through the north end of the island and was created when a hurricane divided the island in half. The Lazy Lizard offers an upstairs deck, seaside tables, a dock, and seats in the ocean below the dock if it’s hot out (which on Caulker, it is!). I highly recommend ordering a bucket of cold beer at sunset while lounging on the dock overlooking The Split.

Terry’s Grill: Terry is a Belizean guy who briefly lived in the U.S. and now owns a small restaurant out of his house on Caulker. He grills fresh fish served with rice and vegetables, and his adorable toddler-aged son Tyler will entertain you while you eat.

Chef Kareem’s: Kareem’s is another barbecue joint along the main street that consists of Kareem, his grill and some picnic tables on the beach. Kareem’s is always busy, because his chicken is amazing. You’ll definitely go back for more.