Lavender Vodka Lemonade

This refreshing cocktail is sure to quench your thirst year round. It’s a perfect balance of sweet & tart, and quite easy to make for one, or as a big batch. The lavender syrup produces a majestic deep purple color.


Grab a bottle of Jungle Cat Vodka, take a collins glass, and build the following into it:

2 oz Jungle Cat Vodka

.75 Lavender Simple Syrup *

.75 Fresh Lemon Juice

Top with soda water

Garnish with lemon slice


*Lavender Syrup Recipe:

1 Qt water

1 Qt sugar

1 tbsp dried lavender

2 teaspoons butterfly pea powder for color (add more if you want a deeper purple)

First, boil water, then stir in sugar and dissolve. Next, add lavender and let it steep for 30 minutes. After, add butterfly pea powder, stir in and dissolve. Finally, strain, let cool & enjoy.


There’s lots of ways to use this syrup, such as a lavender gin gimlet or a lavender gin fizz.