Mythology Cocktail & Dinner Pairings

We’ve put together three unique cocktail and dinner pairings using our Hell Bear American Whiskey, Needle Pig Gin and Jungle Cat Vodka. 

Mythology Old Fashioned & Bacon Wrapped Figs

The smokiness of the bacon brings out the bite and heat in the Mythology Hell Bear American Whiskey. While the sweet and sugary profiles of the fig balances out the Angostura bitters in the cocktail.

Hazy Gin and Tonic & Smoked Salmon

Seafood, specifically smoked salmon, is a wonderful taste pairing with our Mythology Needle Pig Gin. The herbal and floral notes in the gin highlight the rich taste of the salmon. A squeeze of citrusy lemon and a refreshing cucumber on the salmon brings out the flavors of the Needle Pig Gin even more so. 


Mythology Proper Martini & Dumplings

Sure to be a delightful and interesting pairing, a dumpling and vodka dinner creates the perfect combination of flavors, tasting notes and enjoyment. The intensity and delicacy of dumpling sauces is perfectly accommodated by the crisp, refreshing taste of the Jungle Cat Vodka.