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Tips for Après in the backcountry

With access to so many great resorts and backcountry trails to ski, snowboard or sled with friends, we love the winter in Colorado. And after a fun day in the mountains, it’s time to share stories and enjoy some après!

A good Après can get a little tricky considering you may need to consider weight and packing out in the backcountry. We’re here to offer some tips whether you’re staying in a hut, have a crew that meets up in the parking lot or are pulled off on the side of the trail. 

Prep Beforehand

Prep beforehand to help set up quickly and cut down on waste. Cut and portion out some meats, cheeses and fruit (we suggest apples). Skip the crackers (in our opinion) since they’re bulky to pack and the meat + cheese is what you’re in this for! Check out So Damn Gouda in Denver or Meatbar in Steamboat Springs for a great selection to make a delicious charcuterie. 

Here are a couple cocktails you can pre-batch and carry in a water bottle or better yet, collapsible soft bottle like the Platypus.

  • Best Friend Bourbon & Cider (blend 2 parts cider to 1 part bourbon)
  • Hell Bear American Whiskey Old Fashioned (blend 4 parts whiskey to 1 part simple syrup. Add two dashes of bitters for every two ounces of whiskey)
  • Needle Pig Gin Sage Gimlet (blend 4 parts gin to 1 part lime juice, 1 part simple syrup and 2 sage leaves)  
  • Jungle Cat Vodka & Lemonade (keep it simple and blend to taste)

Keep It Light

Use tinfoil or reusable Ziplocs to pack food, and instead of plates simply pack a couple Tupperware lids. We dig the Platypus collapsible water bottles to use as a flask with our Best Friend Bourbon or Hell Bear American Whiskey or to fill with a pre-batched cocktail. Stackable tin cups are the way to go if serving batched cocktails.

Use Your Surroundings 

Look around you! Create seating by packing the snow, flip your skis or board to use the base as a table and chill your cups in the snow.

You’re all set to have a great après after a fun day on the mountain. Enjoy! 

Elevate your apres by bringing along Mythology’s craft whiskey, bourbon, gin, or vodka

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