Feather Jester Rum

Size: 750 ml | 80 Proof | 40% Alc by Vol.
feather jester
feather jester

Expertly distilled rum

Feather Jester Rum takes an age old Caribbean approach to rum distillation and uses pure panela sugarcane to produce the spirit. We receive our panela from Colombia and are doing a double pitch yeast, using a wild Belgian yeast strain to produce a rum with tropical fruity ester, mainly pineapple and mango. We then distill a molasses based rum and blend the two to add additional rum character.

Mythology Feather Jester Silver Rum


Colombian panela
(dehydrated cane juice)
Blackstrap Molasses

Belgian Trappist Yeast that imparts tropical notes of delicious pineapple and mango

The Farm we Source our grain from

Learn about Root Shoot Malting and their commitment to preserve the longevity of Colorado agriculture.

The Spirit Animal

Lost At Sea In A Violent Storm

…. a weary captain considered his fate. Suddenly a beautiful bird appeared off the bow. It squawked, mocking the crew and their misfortune. Determined to rid the ship of the Feather Jester, the crew ran about the decks, shouting and furiously waving their arms. The ship drifted further off course. As the tempest gave way to sun, the captain discovered they had been unwittingly led to a paradisiacal new world.

Inspired by the spirit of Feather Jester, we created an exotic rum to carry you to paradise.

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