Chatter Wolf Rye Vodka

Size: 750 ml | 80 Proof | 40% Alc by Vol.
chatter wolf
chatter wolf

Expertly distilled vodka

Chatter Wolf Rye Vodka is a clean double distilled Vodka made from non-GMO Colorado grown Rye and Barley. Using Rocky Mountain snow-melt for distillation, this elegant and full-bodied spirit provides hints of vanilla on the nose transitioning to butterscotch on the palette.

Mash Bill

90% Colorado-grown rye

10% Colorado-grown barley

100% Colorado Snow Melt

The Farm we Source our grain from

Learn about Root Shoot Malting and their commitment to preserve the longevity of Colorado agriculture.

The Spirit Animal

A Desperado Raced by Horseback

…. through the desert, a sheriff and his deputies close behind. The canyon’s arms closed around her until she couldn’t continue. At the sound of laughter overhead, her eyes traced the canyon wall to its lip, where a mysterious Chatter Wolf perched. As it turned in retreat, the wind seemed to whisper, “This way!” Filled with inspiration, she scaled the canyon’s face, slipping away to freedom.

Inspired by the spirit of Chatter Wolf, our rye vodka is wild enough to hold its own in your favorite cocktail, but confident enough to be a lone wolf.

chatter wolfchatter wolf 2